The videos of my projects

Use Autocad plan
​​​​​​​to select the points

Use Google map in unity
​​​​​​​to select the points​​​​​​​

Use the 3D model of area
​​​​​​​to select the points​​​​​​​

Go to the places and
save the points

AR location based without GPS

DetectiveVR mobile game

Olympics escape room in NIC

Mammuth&Cie in France TV

Modafean Aseman flight simulator

WW1 VR tour in mobile

VR Cardio in Quest 1

Spacefighter VR in Quest 1

VR fruit picker in Quest 1

VR Serene in Quest 1

Physical walk in mobile VR

Hand tracking in mobile AR / VR​​​​​​​

GPS in Augmented Reality​​​​​​​

Runtime Chromakey in Unity​​​​​​​

Remote rendering in mobile AR​​​​​​​

Online multiplayer AR​​​​​​​

Video chat with PHOTON​​​​​​​

Auto Script Maker

Desktop View in Unity

File picker in unity

Live streaming on YouTube

Live streaming on YouTube

Multiplayer PDF presentation

Object + color detection
​​​​​​​ (with OpenCV in Unity)

Body colliding
​​​​​​​ (with OpenCV in Unity)

Runtime C# editor

Virtual Background in Unity

VR paint in unity

Object pivot changer in unity

VRSKY: FighterJets


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