Hi, ​​​​​I'm Abolfazl Tanha
AR.VR.XR.Game.Simulation Developer​​​​​​​
I'm an expert in AR / VR / XR / Game / Simulators that over 15 years of experience in games and apps development for PC / Android / iOS / Quest
Also, I worked with Oculus Quest/Go and I made many different projects for them such as games with hand-tracking, virtual conference, and video 360 live stream on Quest with 5G internet
I have about 4 years of experience in multiplayer modes (online with photon network and offline with MNF a package for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

 I can make 100% Success from 1% Possibility

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Leader of XR development
Use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & IoT technologies to Enhance & Augment Human Perspectives of the real world.

2020 - 2021
AwventXR - Canada, Toronto
2017 - 2020
Chipo & Juan - France, Paris

Leader of XR development
​​​​​​​Develop AR/VR games and Apps and Escape Game Manager systems for several escape games and publishers . AR/VR Tours and Apps for parks , exhibitions and museums .

2019 - 2020
GarageAtlas - Turkey, Istanbul

AR/VR Programmer
​​​​​​​Develop the AR and VR products for Mobile, PC, and Oculus Quest/Go headsets

2016 - 2017
Hillavas - Iran, Tehran

AR/Game Programmer
​​​​​​​Develop the AR Apps and games for MTN Irancell and publish with VAS

2015 - 2016
Freelancer - Iran, Tehran

VR/Game Programmer
​​​​​​​Develop games and simulators and publish them for Iranian Air Force and other places

2014 - 2015
NikModern - Iran, Tehran

VR/AR Programmer​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Develop AR games and apps for Android

2005 - 2013
Freelancer - Iran, Tehran

Game Programmer
Develop Modafean Aseman Flight Simulator

2016 - 2018
​Master degree of software engineering

Islamic Azad University, Tehran

2011 - 2015
Bachelor of software engineering

Islamic Azad University, Tehran

Aequilibrium - Canada, Vancouver
2021 - 2023

Senior XR developer
​​​​​​​Aequilibrium is a digital consultancy focused on product design, development, and systems integration services in Vancouver, BC. Since 2012, we have helped companies create award-winning digital experiences to help them grow and compete effectively while minimizing risks associated with digital transformation. 

Mecharithm - USA, Texas
2021 - 2022

AR/VR instructor
​​​​​​​I make online courses about how to make AR/VR apps related to robotic. Also, How to create a simulator for robots in Unity. These courses will be helpful for mechanics and mechatronics students who want to develop apps and expand their methods with AR and VR.

2020 - 2022

XR instructor
​​​​​​​I make online courses on Unity development or new technologies for all levels.
AR Location-based without GPS / Hand tracking for mobile AR_VR / Online multiplayer AR / Physical walk-in mobile VR / GPS in Augmented Reality / Video chat_Screen share with Photon


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