Online multiplayer AR

 New technology for Unity3D 
Android / iOS 

This a new technology to implement the AR game and AR apps with share the character position by user movement. With this technology, User can walk around the object and see the other users walking around the model at the same time. Also, He can see their interactions in the multiplayer. We can simulate the AR online sessions in any platforms such as Android / iOS / PC / VR headsets. It will be share the position of all users in the multiplayer room like Hololens but very smooth and optimized for any platform and any device performance
In this course, We will learn how to implement this technology by AR Foundation as AR SDK and Photon PUN 2 as online multiplayer platform easily. After that, We will learn how to make a simple AR scene to show our object in real space then continue to create a new positioning system for our characters in the multiplayer space
This technology is usable by any programmers with any level of scripting
It is a new way to make a great AR games with free movement by walking in the area (without use UI joystick for movement) or online presentation session or remote classrooms for any platform around the world. With PUN, We can add several users with voice chat in our AR multiplayer and make a great base for us

Let's to make a great online multiplayer AR

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