Hand tracking in mobile AR / VR

 New technology for Unity3D 
Android and iOS

In mobile VR and AR, We don't have joystick like Oculus or HTC Vive headsets to do all actions in run time. So, We need to find a solution for it. It's time to learn to use the new technology to solve this problem and open new doors of new generation games and simulations for mobile (Android / iOS). In this course, We will learn how to use Hand tracking technology in mobile AR and VR. We will have hand tracking with only the phone's camera and don't need to use other external hardware on phone. In this course, we will learn how to grab, move and rotate object in 3d space. Also, How to use grab, release and other actions of hand to do specific actions. With this technology, we can make 3d UI elements in our game (AR or VR). No need to have special requirements to learn this course. Easy to learn by all levels of knowledge. Only works in Unity and needs to have AR Foundation and minimum of Android 7 (API 24). The best solution to make everything as we want in Augmented and virtual reality and games by C# programming in unity 3d
Let's make an enjoyable AR/VR game with hand tracking in unity

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