Runtime Chromakey in Unity

 New technology for Unity3D 
Android and iOS

Runtime Chromakey in Unity
This is a new technology to make better AR/VR games and simulations with add real character and objects to scene in runtime
In this course, We will learn how to show a real time transparent view with Chromakey in AR and VR. Or how we can stream a real time transparent view between 2 users in AR and VR
Initially, We will learn some basic things about what is the Chromakey and how we can use it in a simple scene. After it, We will work on a VR scene and runtime view from device camera and show it front of the VR camera and try to transparent it with chromakey system
In the next step, We will learn the basic things about how we can share video or camera view between 2 users with encode the view and stream it to the PUN server then other user receive it and decode it and make a runtime view. After this step, We will work on how we can show this runtime view from user A in user B device with an AR viewer or an 2D object in VR space

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