Physical walk in mobile VR

 New technology for Unity3D 
Android and iOS

Currently, player walking in mobile virtual reality games is only possible with the joystick. In virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC vive, physical walk is only possible with special hardware that can move in a small area
In this course, for the first time, we will implement how the player walks in the real world for the mobile virtual reality environment. No restrictions, no special hardware and only with a smartphone and fully available
We learn how to teleport in virtual reality. Finally, we learn how to detect our voice in runtime then implement some functions in our game using voice commands
In this way, we will have the freedom to act in mobile virtual reality and will be able to build any kind of motion game in mobile virtual reality
This method opens new doors for us to build exciting games, educational simulators and 3D tours in virtual reality

The physical walk-in mobile VR course is ready to learn on Youtube. This technology is for free movement in mobile VR and learn how to develop the VR game and launch it on any device (even without Gyroscope !!! ). As well as, learn how to reconnaissance the voices from microphone of mobile and detect the words then do specific functions with voice orders

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