Video chat and Screen share with PHOTON

 New technology for Unity3D 
Android / iOS / windows / Mac / Oculus Quest

Video chat and Screen share with Photon network in Unity
It is a new solution to have a great video chat and screen share between users in multiplayer games and apps with the use photon network platform in Unity. Photon network is the best SDK for multiplayer games and it has message and voice chat but with this new solution, We can have video chat and screen share in our game scene. It is a cross-platform technology and we can use it for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Oculus Quest. We can manage the quality of the screen and make it smoother for any internet speed. We can manage the latency of the screen as well. In this course, We will learn how to encode the Main camera's view and convert them to the list of the bytes then stream them to the server to be accessible for other users in the multiplayer game room. Another user will get the bytes and decode them and convert them to the screen. So, We can see the screen of the user1 in the user2 device. We can use this method for video chat
!!!Let's make a new option for multiplayer games easily

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