New technology for Unity3D 
Android and iOS

AR Location based without GPS and internet

We can make an AR location-based but without the use of GPS and the internet of the mobile device 
Initially, We need to select the positions which we want to show objects there
For this step, We have 4 solutions
 Use Autocad plan of the area -

Use Google map to find the places and select them in unity -
Use 3D model of the area -
  Go to the real place and save the position of the places which -
    we want to use them as game points then import to the unity

In the next step, we will put our models or actions on each
points then export our work for mobile platform

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Use Autocad plan
​​​​​​​to select the points

Use Google map in unity
​​​​​​​to select the points​​​​​​​

Use the 3D model of area
​​​​​​​to select the points​​​​​​​

Go to the places and
save the points

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